Bathroom Storage

The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. So it can be hard to organize all of the things we need there—hair care products, toothbrush/toothpaste, makeup, first aid, medicine, towels. That means we have to pull out all of the bathroom storage and organization stops to make the best use of the small amount of space we have!

Having an organized bathroom can really help to speed things up when it comes to getting ready and it makes cleaning up so much easier. It’s also much more relaxing to start and end the day in a clutter-free, calming bathroom space. 

What are the best bathroom storage ideas?

1. Towels

There’s nothing like stepping out of the shower to a fresh towel. Store your towels so they are easily within reach and always ready. Because we don’t have unlimited bathroom storage space, a good rule of thumb is two bath towels per person so you always have a fresh towel when the other is in the laundry.

For towels in use, utilize wall space by hanging a hook for each family member to hang their towel.

For clean towels waiting to be used, roll them up and display them in a pretty basket in a floor corner that takes up very little of your precious space.

2. Makeup

Makeup can overtake the bathroom so fast. We are always trying out a new lipstick, foundation or powder. And also switching out different colors for different seasons. Keep them organized so you can quickly grab exactly what you need. Ideally store makeup in a drawer to keep the counter clean. If you don’t have a spare drawer, use a pretty container on the counter and clean it at least once a week.

Go through all of your makeup every other month and discard anything expired to ensure you aren’t keeping old products around that could damage your skin and maximize your bathroom storage.

3. Bathroom shelves

Bathroom shelves can get cluttered and chaotic very quickly. Your bathroom should be a place of calm and beautifully organized shelves are key to achieving that calm. 

  1. If you find yourself with way too much on your shelves, the first step is to take everything off of the shelves. 
  2. Group things that are similar together.
  3. Now look at each group. Do you really need that many nail polishes? What have you not used in the last two seasons? Ask yourself that question for each group and then get rid of what you have not used. Challenge yourself to reduce what you have by half. Remember bathroom storage is at a premium.
  4. Clean the shelves.
  5. Before you put items back on the shelves, take a moment to reframe your thinking. This isn’t just a shelf to store a bunch of stuff on. Remember you are creating a beautiful, calm space. Less is more. Select a pretty faux plant (or a real one if you have a green thumb!). Pick out some pretty baskets to organize the items you have pared down.
  6. To keep your shelves neat and beautiful, stick to the rule of thumb that if you are going to add something to the shelf, take something away!

4. Shower storage

Use a shelf in the shower to keep shampoo, conditioner, bath gel and razors together and in easy reach. It’s another great use of bathroom storage!

Another option is the hanging shower caddy that hangs over the shower head. 

5. Consider unusual storage solutions

The inside of the vanity cabinet door is the perfect place to hold things like your blow dryer or curling iron.

The bathroom door can offer storage space with an over the door organizer.

A hanging basket is a great way to utilize vertical space.

Use a mirror with a shelf.

An organized and beautiful bathroom reduces anxiety and brings a sense of calm to starting and finishing your day!

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