A garage is no longer just where the vehicles are stored. It is an extension of the home. When starting to think about how to organize a garage, think about the ways you use it.

  • Store vehicles
  • Workshop
  • Entertainment (t.v., movies, games)
  • Yard tools storage
  • Other storage
  • Gym

Sketch the layout of the garage including dimensions and assign zones for the different ways you plan to use the space. The best way to organize a garage is to think through your plan first.

The easiest way to organize a garage is to first remove everything. As you are removing, separate items into three piles: Keep, Sell, Donate. Then thoroughly clean the space. If you are going all out on this project, now is the perfect time to paint the walls or floor while everything is out.


How to organize a garage to include a workshop.
How to Organize a Garage – Workshop
  • Workspace—Plan for a flat surface for workspace.
  • Hand tools—Hang pegboard on the wall to utilize vertical space. Store tools in a designated space where they will be easily found.
  • Power tools—Store on shelving, deep drawers or in a tool rack. Consider placing close to an outlet where they can be easily charged.
  • Standalone tools—Designate floor space for larger tools like a table saw. Be sure and leave room for the length of what you plan to cut.
  • Wood storage—Use wall storage racks to keep wood organized and safely off the floor.

Entertainment area

Organize a garage by including an entertainment area.
How to Organize a Garage – Entertainment Area — Credit: Smart Garage
  • Select a t.v. or projection system that is rated for outdoors.
  • Select comfortable, smaller-scale seating that won’t take up a lot of room in order to maximize the space.a
  • Include a refrigerator and microwave for easy access to cold drinks and snacks.
  • Add an outdoor rug to further define the entertainment portion of the garage.

Yard tools storage

How to Organize a Garage – Yard Tools—Credit: Houzz
  • It is so much easier to keep a garage floor clean if you keep as much as possible off the floor. For yard tools, select a wall rack to store rakes, shovels and power tools.
  • If garage space is limited, consider a small outdoor tool shed.
  • After you organize a garage, you will be able to find what you need so much faster!

Other storage

How to Organize a Garage – Other Storage—Credit: Costco
  • If inside storage isn’t plentiful, organize a garage by adding wall shelving in the garage to store seasonal things you don’t have to access very often like Christmas decorations or that box of baby things you just can’t bring yourself to part with. You can also add an overhead shelf to utilize vertical space.
  • Make sure you store items in plastic bins with covers that are critter- and weatherproof. Be sure and clearly label the contents of each bin.
  • Make sure you consider donating or selling items before you decide to keep!


How to Organize a Garage – Gym—Credit: Garage Gym Lab

A great way to save money and make working out easier by shortening your commute is to set up your own gym in your garage.

  • Think about your workout and the equipment you need. Now how much of your garage have you sketched out in your zones sketch?
  • For safety, put a non-slip, cushioned gym mat or floor squares on the floor.
  • Arrange equipment.
  • Consider adding a mirror to the wall to help ensure proper form.
  • You are more likely to stick to your workout routine in a fun area. Add a speaker so you can blast those motivational tunes!

With a little planning, you can make your garage space become an extension of your home and so much more than just a place to store your vehicles.

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