Nancy Traylor

— Organization Expert

I like things to be in order. That has been me my entire life. Even as a young girl, I liked everything in my bedroom to have a place. That way, when I needed a certain thing like a toy or a book, I would know exactly where to find it! I wouldn’t say I’m a neat freak, but there is a definite difference in the way I feel when I am in a room that isn’t cluttered.

This tendency followed me as I went to college and later when I started my professional career. My organization skills helped me establish a professional reputation of being an efficient, organized and results-driven manager. Managers, fellow employees and customers knew I wasn’t likely to let important tasks slip through the cracks.

Over the years, I have become a self-proclaimed organization expert by enthusiastically researching methods to organize my life and home as well as all of the many products on the market to help. My bookshelf is lined with books on living an uncluttered, organized life and building a beautifully designed and edited home and office that nurtures mind, body and soul! My closets are lined with stylish labeled boxes, baskets and bins. My drawers are divided and curated.

If you are here to find the latest tips, trends and products for how to organize your home or office, you are in the right place. Start with the 97 Best Organization Ideas post!

My Mission

I want every household and office to know the peace that comes from living an organized, clutter-free life!