A home is our refuge, our safe place where we can let our hair down and relax. When we walk through our door, we want to leave the stress and chaos of the world behind. When our home is disorderly, cluttered and chaotic, we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to lower our stress level. 

Read on to learn the best organization ideas for every room in your home to help you relax and de-stress.

Yarn Organization

1. Kitchen organization

The Kitchen is the center of the home. It’s where meals are planned and shared, homework is done, mail is sorted, pets are fed, games are played and many conversations are had. A cluttered, chaotic kitchen will make people want to get out of there as soon as possible! 

Check out this post for the 12 best kitchen organization ideas.

2. Refrigerator

Having your refrigerator organized saves you time and money because you can easily see what you have.

3. Freezer

Your freezer is a valuable tool if organized correctly. You can prolong the life of produce, stock up on meat and fish, and cook and freeze ahead of time to save a ton of time on busy weeknights. 

4. Kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are usually packed with all sorts of glasses, dishes, cookware, ingredients just to name a few. Storing all these essentials in an organized, easily accessible manner is key to making the most of your time cooking, eating, and entertaining.

Organized Spices
Organized Spices

5. Spices

The secret ingredient to most of our cooking, some spices are used nearly every day and some every so often. It is important to store them in a cool, dark place to preserve their flavor. Being able to quickly see what you have will help you cook more efficiently and avoid buying duplicates.

6. Dish towels

Dish towels are used every day and need to be changed out for a clean towel often. As a result, it is good practice to go through them every six months or so and get rid of those that are torn or stained. Store towels so you can easily see the different types at a glance such as for drying crystal or pots and pans or microfiber for wiping down granite countertops. 

7. Kitchen cleaning products

Make cleaning your kitchen so much easier by having your supplies handy and stored properly. Because much of the kitchen space is used to store utensils, dishes and pots and pans, you might need to get creative when deciding where to store the cleaning supplies.

The most important thing is to store them safely. If you have children or pets in the home, make sure cleaning supplies are out of their reach. 

8. Pantry

An organized pantry allows you to meal prep, cook, and even clean faster and more efficiently, freeing up more of your time to do other things. You will be less likely to have expired food because you know what you have. An organized pantry will help you replace items you have run out of so you have them on hand the next time you need them. 

9. Pots and pans

Cookware is one of the more expensive investments in the kitchen. Taking care of them and storing them properly will ensure they have a long life, thus saving money from avoiding buying replacements as often.

10. Tupperware

Oh the stories we can tell about the Tupperware cupboard! Just like lost socks in the dryer, there are always Tupperware pieces that seem to disappear. Organizing your Tupperware and food storage containers and lids will pay off because you will be able to save leftovers and not have to buy replacement containers and lids. 

11. Smart refrigerator

We have many digital options today to help keep us organized. A smart refrigerator is one that’s connected to the cloud. Depending on the features built into the fridge, it lets you do such things as use your smartphone to see what’s inside; send and receive notes and calendar entries that will appear on the fridge’s screen; and even get alerts if the refrigerator’s door is left open.

So imagine yourself at the grocery store. You’ve forgotten your list. You can ask your refrigerator if you are out of eggs and milk!

12. Charging station

Electronic devices have made our lives much more organized in many ways. However, their cords, chargers and batteries have contributed to increased clutter in the home. There are multiple charging station options to wrangle these devices neatly while they are charging.

13. Kitchen drawer

Drawers are a great addition to kitchen cabinets. They range from shallow drawers with custom storage accessories to allow for easy storage of utensils, cooking tools and spices to keep drawers to store pots and pans. Drawers also allow the space to be accessed without having to open doors and pull out a shelf, so may offer less of an obstacle to traffic flow in the kitchen.

Organized Living Room
No Clutter Equals Beautiful!

14. Living room organization

Designing the living or family room with organization in mind will help contribute to the relaxation and enjoyment of the space. Keeping items routinely used in the living room organized like blankets, games or books helps lessen chaos in the room, thus helping us breathe easier and de-stress. Having a designated place for these items also helps us pick up the room quickly if unexpected guests stop by!

15. Blankets

There is nothing like snuggling up with a cozy blanket while watching a good movie. There are multiple pretty ways to store blankets so they are easily accessible.

16. Magazines

Magazines are items we love and hate. We enjoy reading them, when we can get to them! But what to do with them so they aren’t unsightly stacks?!

17. Books

Even with the invention of electronic devices on which to read books, we still love our book collections. Whether you have new books from your favorite author or perhaps vintage books from your childhood, you can display them to enjoy looking at them even when you aren’t actively reading them.

18. DVDs

For those of us who haven’t switched 100% to streaming services and still like to use our DVD collection, we need a way to store them so we can see what we have and easily access them.

Organized Bedroom
Organized and Serene Bedroom

19. Bedroom organization

Our bedroom is our sanctuary from the rest of the household. There is nowhere more important to design a calm space free from clutter.

20. Bedside storage

Organizing the bedside table helps us keep what we need close at hand without a bunch of clutter.

21. Underbed storage

The area under the bed is a great place to utilize hidden storage opportunities.

22. Bedside hanging organizer

The side of the bed can also be used to organize items that need to be easily accessed from the bed.

23. Beds with built-in storage

Some beds have built-in storage such as shelves in the headboard or drawers in the bed base. 

24. Mirror/jewelry organizer

As we get ready to start our day or for a night on the town, we need a good mirror to check our look! It is great when we find a product that does double-duty and also provides organization. Here you can have a mirror as well as see your jewelry options. 

25. Bench with storage

A bench can also serve two purposes. It is nice to have a place to sit to put on shoes that also doubles as extra storage.

26. Shelving

Incorporating shelves into the bedroom helps display items that we love as well as offer a place to store special items like books. It’s organization that is also beautiful!

Organized Closet

27. Bedroom closet organization

An organized closet serves several purposes. It saves time in that items are quickly and easily accessed. It also helps you see everything that you have, thus saving money by not re-purchasing similar items. 

28. Purses

Purses are a fun way to accessorize. Having them organized will help us quickly find just the right one for each outfit. Whether they are expensive purchases or not, storing them appropriately will keep them in good condition.

29. Shoes

Another way we accessorize is by selecting the perfect shoe. By having our shoes organized together, we can go right to the shoe we want saving time by not having to dig around looking for it or perhaps finding just one and not the other.

30. Belts

Belts are one of the easier items to organize in our closet and take up very little space if done properly.

31. Ties

It is not only about having the right tie to make or break a look, but ensuring it is not wrinkled, dusty or torn.

32. Scarves

Maintain the beauty of scarves and keep them visible by organizing them properly.

33. Hats

Hats need to be stored so they aren’t crushed and remain dust-free.

34. Sunglasses

Organize sunglasses so they aren’t broken and can be grabbed quickly according to your outfit.

35. Hanging clothes

Hang clothes so they are organized by color, season, length.

36. Folded clothes

There are many options for storing folded clothes including clear and/or solid drawers, bins  and various types of shelving.

37. Jewelry

Whether cosmetic or not, jewelry can be a significant investment. It is important to store them safely.

38. Laundry hamper

Dirty clothes can create chaos quickly. Make sure you have a designated part of the the closet to keep them until laundry day.

39. Closet lighting

One of the best and easiest way to maintain a beautiful closet is to ensure you have adequate lighting.

40. Seating

If you have room in your closet, it is helpful to have a chair or bench to help when putting on shoes.

41. Shelving

A system of shelves will not only keep your items organized but look beautiful at the same time.

42. Mirror

Every closet needs a mirror so you can check out your fashion choices!

Organized Office

43. Office organization

Work can be stressful enough just on its own. There’s no need to pile onto that stress with an unorganized workspace. Organizing your workspace will help you become more efficient. Searching for things in a disorganized workstation just wastes time and makes you less effective.

44. Desktop

The top of the desk is where we spend the most time when working in the office. There are many options to keep the desktop organized and free of clutter.

45. Desk drawer

Drawers are an easy target for clutter because we can take things off the desktop and put in the drawer. Out of sight, out of mind! There are multiple ways we can keep our desk drawers organized and avoid turning them into junk drawers.

46. Office supplies

Part of any office includes different supplies that we need. Sometimes they are regularly used supplies, sometimes every so often and sometimes we have extras that need to be stored somewhere.

47. Files

Office files are many times critical to good business or home record keeping. Whether they are digital or paper files, they need to be organized and safe.

48. Shelving

Office shelving is important to not only organize important office-related items but to bring in your personal design aesthetic to the work environment.

49. Lighting

We spent a lot of time working in our office and having the right lighting will ensure we don’t strain our eyes.

50. Electronics and cords

Today’s office comes with multiple types of devices which means a lot of cords or electronics that need to be charged.

Organized Bathroom

51. Bathroom organization

Having an organized bathroom can really help to speed things up when it comes to getting ready and it makes cleaning up so much easier. It’s also much more relaxing to start and end the day in a clutter-free, calming bathroom space. 

52. Towels

There’s nothing like stepping out of the shower to a fresh towel. Store your towels so they are easily within reach and always ready.

53. Makeup

Makeup can overtake the bathroom so fast. We are always trying out a new lipstick, foundation or powder. And also switching out different colors for different seasons. Keep them organized so you can quickly grab exactly what you need as well as ensure you aren’t keeping expired products around that could damage your skin.

54. Bathroom cleaning supplies

To help with keeping the bathroom clean, I store cleaning products in the bathroom so they are at the ready. Bathrooms can be small and space at a premium, so look for tricks to store cleaning products in small spaces.

55. Bathroom closet

If you are fortunate to have a closet in the bathroom, there are several tools available to maximize the space and keep things in order.

56. Laundry hamper

Select a laundry hamper for the bathroom that is easy to access and doesn’t take a lot of floor space.

57. Linen closet

Designate a closet to keep all of those extra blankets, pillows, sheet sets, mattress pads, and pillow cases. There are tips and tools available to keep your linen closet organized so you can find what you need and know where things belong after laundry day.


58. Playroom organization

If you have children, organizing a playroom might seem pointless. Why bother because they’re just going to mess it up again, right? That is very true. But improving your playroom organization can help you streamline cleanup efforts and cut down on your home’s overall toy clutter.

59. Toys

Is it me or do kids have more toys now than ever? They seems to multiply overnight! The key to minimizing toy clutter is to keep an inventory of the toys you have on hand and be proactive in routinely getting rid of toys that are broken, the kids have grown out of or just don’t play with anymore.

60. Games and puzzles

Family game nights are so much fun! Turning off the tv and getting the family around a table to play a game or work on a puzzle makes amazing family members. But where to put those games and puzzles when they’re not in use?

61. Kids’ books

Reading to kids is one of the best things we can do for our children’s growth and development. Books are one of the least expensive and easiest gifts to give, so kids tend to have a lot of them! Regularly going through their books and donating the ones they have grown out of or just don’t read anymore is a good way to keep the quantity of books to a minimum.

62. Toy and book shelving

Storing kids’ toys and books on shelves helps to keep them organized. You can even label different shelves to designate what should go there. This helps kids learn when cleaning up that everything has a place.

63. Seating with storage

Kids can sit anywhere comfortably. That is one of the great things about being a kid! But there are things you can bring into the toy room or kids bedrooms that double as seating and storage.

64. Table

Kids love doing projects with their hands whether it being coloring, cutting, gluing, putting together puzzles, etc. Put a kid-sized table in the toy room or kids bedroom so they have a designated space to do their projects.

65. Coloring and craft supplies

With kids projects comes lots of little items like crayons, markers, glue, glitter, popsicle sticks, etc. Store them in clear bins that are clearly marked so they learn when cleaning up that that everything has a place.

66. Legos

Legos are an incredible learning toy that helps kids use their imagination to build whatever they dream up. If you have a Lego fan in your household, then you probably have Legos coming out of your ears. And have probably stepped on one in bare feet in the middle of the night! There are some great ideas for storing Lego pieces and displaying mini figures or finished products.

67. Blocks

Building blocks are another great toy that helps kids learn the art of building what their imagination creates. Some blocks have letters on them that help kids hone their spelling skills. Whatever the reason, there are some creative ways to organize and store them.

68. Matchbox cars

Matchbox cars are a timeless toy that are universally loved by children of all ages. Because they are small and relatively inexpensive, you can find yourself with a plethora of them before you know it. They are a great decorating accessory when not in use.

69. Stuffed animals

Is it me or do stuffed animals seem to appear from nowhere? What is it with kids and stuffed animals? Yes, they are soft, fuzzy and lovable. But exactly how many does a kid need?! Take some time to gather all of your child’s stuffed animals and decide how many to keep. Involve your child and donate the rest to a local children’s charity.

70. Play kitchen

Kids love to act like adults and a play kitchen helps them do just that. They can emulate Mom and Dad in the kitchen and prepare fantastic pretend meals. A play kitchen comes along with play pots, pans, dishes, utensils and plastic food. Keep all of these little treasures organized so they remain in the “kitchen” when your little chef is ready to play again.

71. Toy room/kid’s room rug

To save space, select a rug that does double duty such as depicting a construction site where little aspiring builders and engineers can run their dump trucks and backhoes. Or perhaps bring in a rug with city scenes including roads and bridges where all of those matchbox cars can be driven around.

72. Car/truck

When you think about organizing your home, don’t forget about the inside of your vehicle. There are all kinds of things you want to know exactly where to find when you need it like your vehicle owner’s manual, registration and insurance information, jumper cables, ice scraper, etc.

Laundry Room

73. Laundry room organization

Whether your laundry room is beautifully decorated, spacious with tons of storage or simply a corner tucked away in the basement, keep it organized will help you. If your laundry area is overrun with clutter, laundry chores will be more difficult and take longer. There are organizational tips to help you get your laundry space under control and keep the space manageable.

74. Hamper

Laundry hampers range in many sizes and designs. It’s time to get rid of that broken basket you used in college and upgrade to one that will help you organize your laundry.

75. Detergent

An organized laundry area is not complete unless you have easy access to detergents, softeners, bleach and stain removers.

76. Shelving

There are great shelving ideas to make your laundry room a bit more functional, and beautiful, too

77. Craft/hobby room organization

If you are a crafter, you know how quickly the supplies you need can get out of order. Beads, glitter, glue, fabric, ribbons, button and more everywhere! Fortunately there are tons of ideas for keeping your craft or hobby area organized.

Tools in Garage

78. Garage organization

The benefits of an organized home doesn’t stop when you step out the door. When you organize your garage, the whole space looks neat and stays dirt and bug-free. If a tidy garage looks more spacious, that’s because it is!

79. Bikes

Riding bicycles provides hours of entertainment. When not in use, be sure and store them to keep them off the floor and make sure they don’t get damaged.

80. Sports equipment, bat/balls, tennis rackets, fishing poles 

Keep your sports equipment in top notch conditions and ready for action!

81. Lawn tools

There are great products available that keep lawn and garden tools like rakes and shovels organized.

82. Car wash tools

Keep car wash, sponges and chamois on hand and organized in the garage.

83. Recycling

Use bins and labels to separate recycling until recycling day.

84. Toolbox

Every household, no matter how big or small, needs some basic tools at the minimum.

85. Tool charging station

Many tools are powered by rechargeable batteries. Create a designated place in the garage to organize these tools and keep them charged.

86. Workbench

Having a workbench in the garage is useful, even if you aren’t a woodworker. You can use it for things like potting plants.

87. Pegboard, slat wall 

Use the wall to store all sorts of items and keep them off the floor, away from dirt and dust.

88. Garden hose

Say goodbye to tangled garden hoses that get damaged by reeling them up!

89. Storage cabinets

There are many cabinets designed specially for the garage that keeps whatever is inside free from dust, bugs and critters.

90. Shelving

Open shelves are a good option to organize and store items so they are visible and tidy.

91. Plastic bins

Plastic bins can be used to store items in the garage keeping them bug and critter-free.

92. Overhead storage

There are great products that allow items to be lifted up on a platform near the ceiling, thus freeing up floor space.

93. Ladder

Propping a ladder up against the garage wall or in a corner is a magnet for dirt and spider webs. Instead, hang ladders on the wall.

94. Epoxy flooring

Garage floors can be hard to keep clean with vehicles coming in and out and the wind blowing leaves and dirt in. An epoxy flooring can be applied to the floor that makes it much easier to keep clean.

95. Lighting

Select lighting for the garage that is bright and covers the entire garage. This is especially helpful when you are in the garage during the evening or on dark, dreary days.

96. Basement organization

The basement can easily become the “go to” place for things that don’t fit anywhere in the house. And you know what that means. Clutter everywhere! Make sure and design the basement so just like the rest of the house, everything has a place.

97. Pool organization

Keep your pool area looking beautiful by making sure the supplies used in and around the pool like pool chemicals, beach towels, sunscreen, and pool toys are stored neatly.