The laundry room is one place in the home that is often on the lower end of the priority list to organize and beautify because guests don’t usually see it. But we see it! We spend a lot of time there! So why not move laundry room organization up on the list just like the kitchen and living room and make the effort to designate a place for everything that goes into the laundry room. Then either get rid of or find another place for everything else that happens to land there.

Here are the 8 best ideas for laundry room organization.

Laundry Room

1. Declutter

The laundry room is often a dumping ground for all sorts of items. So the first step is to remove everything from the room. Make groups of like items (detergents, stain products, hangers, ironing products, drying items like dryer sheets or woolen balls, etc.)

The first step in laundry organization is to declutter.

Use baskets or bins for three other piles for anything:

  • that doesn’t belong in the laundry room and needs to be relocated to another place in the house.
  • you don’t use anymore and want to sell or donate.
  • that needs to be thrown away.

2. Clean

Anytime we are decluttering is the perfect time for a good cleaning while the room is empty. Wipe down the walls, empty shelves, mop the floor and get dust bunnies out of the corner or the ceiling. Don’t forget to move the washer and dry and clean behind them. While you have the dryer pulled out it is a great time to clean the vent hose to make sure there is no build-up of lint which can be a fire hazard.

3. Take inventory

Before you start putting items back in the laundry room, take stock of what you have. Think of the available space you have in the room. Thinking of laundry room organization, take a mental plan where it makes sense to store each item.

4. Consider the space

Laundry room organization at its best
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Now that everything is out, do you have room to add storage? To ensure every item has its designated space, we want to maximize the available space. Perhaps you could add some shelving, a laundry cart, a drying rack or a hanging bar? You could combine needs and add a shelf with a hanging bar like this one. Or install a complete laundry room organizer surrounding your washer and dryer.

Laundry room organization includes considering options like using vertical space on the wall or even hanging from the ceiling.

Remember the goal is not to load up the room. We want just what we need in the laundry room but utilizing the space as efficiently as we can.

5. Designate zones

Whether you have a lavish laundry room or a laundry closet or corner, it is helpful to designate area categories where items belong. Then label each category so everyone in the household knows where each item belongs. Some examples of categories include detergent, softener, dryer items, ironing items, stain-fighters, cleaners like bleach or ammonia, mending kit or shoe care. Include a pretty dish to catch coins from pockets or popped buttons.

6. Bins and holders

Laundry organization includes pretty containers
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Remember we are not just aiming to organize but also to make the space beautiful. So think about how we are storing the items in the laundry room. Adding a row of pretty clear canisters or cool baskets helps make the room inviting and not a drudgery in which to work. Clear containers also show you at a glance when you are running low.

7. Laundry baskets

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In the laundry room, I recommend using a laundry cart with four sections. Separate laundry into whites, darks, towels and delicates.

Each bedroom should have its own laundry hamper. On laundry day, teach your family how to bring their hamper to the laundry room and separate their laundry into the four categories.

8. Organize

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When you’re ready to put items back into the room, put them in the zones you identified. Label the bins or baskets clearly to increase the chances that others in the household will put things back in their place.

Laundry room organization will take a little thought and elbow grease at first. But once you have your space organized and beautiful, you will not only be more efficient with your time but also be likely to enjoy it just a little bit more!

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